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We're an "Aggressively Casual" raiding guild (Alliance, Kul Tiras (US-PVE)). With a median age of 25 yrs old, we focus on accomplishing our raiding goals -- 10 man Regular and Heroic progression -- while still maintaining a friendly, casual atmosphere outside of raids. While we enjoy performing at our best in a raid environment we also value real life responsibilities over a game.

Some of our core values:

*We treat each other with respect. Our raiders enjoy an atmosphere devoid of yelling, insults, and derision. We're focused on raid synergy and working as a team to overcome raid encounters.

*Loot distribution is handled with an EP/GP system that rewards for effort put into the guild (EP) and charges points based on how much gear someone has received. More information can be found about this system by clicking here!. Off spec items are offered up for purchase with gold and sharding is always the last resort.

*We provide useful pre- & post-raid performance advice w/o trash talk or harsh criticism. Our experienced raiders will help you improve your game with useful class-specific tips & advice.

*We have an EP/GP turn-in policy where we reward members for turning in certain items with EP/GP. This allows us to have a robust inventory in our guild bank of consumables to take the sting out of the cost of raiding.

*When we recruit, we're more interested in your attitude and your capacity to learn, adapt and grow as a player rather than just your gear. Attitude > Gear.

If you're interested in seeing end game content before it's nerfed into the ground (har har!), and this seems like the atmosphere you could flourish in, check out The Phoenix.

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